Heating & Cooling Equipment

We at Wood's Heating and Cooling pride ourselves on providing equipment that has proven itself over the years. Whether you are interested in a new boiler installation or a water heater installation, we have the expertise to assist you in determining the best fit. Wood's Heating System offers installation of heating systems, boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, and air conditioning systems. We can also help you protect your new equipment and your home with options like service plans and home monitoring. Here are some of the units we install and stand behind.

Woods Heating Products

Burnham MPO-IQ Boilers

The new Burnham MPO-IQ high efficiency oil-fired heating boiler marks the crossroads of innovation and everyday practicality. Rated among the highest efficiency of cast-iron heating boilers since its introduction, the newly designed MPO-IQ, thanks to the Burnham IQ Oil Boiler Control System, again leads the field in efficiency, versatility, ease of maintenance, and installation.

  • 87% AFUE
  • 3-pass Cast Iron Sectional Design
  • Easy Installation and Servicing
  • A Consumers Digest "Best Buy"
Woods Heating Products

Burnham MegaSteam™ Boilers

The MegaSteam™ (MST) boiler means never having to question your family's comfort. With an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 86%, the MST is one of the most efficient and most reliable boilers in the industry. It was designed, not only to be best the boiler on the market, but also to be the best solution for your family's heating needs.

  • High Efficiency 86% AFUE
  • Unique 3-Pass Cast Iron Heat Exchanger
  • Superior Steam Quality
  • Best Steam Boiler Warranty in the Industry
Woods Heating Products

Thermo Pride Furnaces

Thermo Pride stands for handcrafted products and hometown values: comfort, reliability, durability, quiet operation, high efficiency. Together they provide real value and establish the Thermo Pride benchmark. The competition largely focuses on mass production, low cost and price battles. Thermo Pride, for over 50 years, has concentrated on high quality, crafting products which last while providing the reliable service and comfort people value. Thermo Pride is designed and built better to last longer.

Woods Heating Products

Buderus Boilers

The Buderus boiler represents the best of innovative heating technology. Designed in Europe, where fuel costs are significantly higher and environmental regulations are more stringent, Buderus systems are designed to maximize the heating value of every ounce of fuel, and to be environmentally conscious. Bringing new advances in oil burning technology, Buderus uses a modern, low emission, high efficiency oil burner that burns cleaner with less impact on the environment. No matter how much you want to save, keeping your home comfortable and warm is a high priority. You can do both with a Buderus System.

Woods Heating Products

Amtrol HYDROMAX Indirect-Fired Hot Water Heater

Innovative design features and advanced control technology make HydroMax Hot Water Makers® the industry's best indirect-fired water heater. Outstanding hot water performance and the proprietary   Ener-G-NET™ digital control make HydroMax the best water heating solution for any home.

  • Modern, Appliance-Like Appearance
  • Highest overall efficiency
  • Insulated storage for peak demands
  • Instantaneous Indirect Technology™ reduces unwanted cycling and provides endless hot water.
Woods Heating Products

Therma-Flow Everhot Oil-Fired Water Heaters

Therma-Flow Oil Fired Water Heaters are designed and built to provide the homeowner and commercial user with dependable, highly efficient, production of hot water within a durable, long lasting water heater unit.

Standard Features Include:

  • Unique top piping feeds for both hot and cold water fittings.
  • Heavy duty glass lined steel tank or heavy duty solid copper tank.
  • Attractive baked enamel steel jacket.
  • High density blanket insulation.
Woods Heating Products

Fujitsu Mini-Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Fujitsu Systems are some of today's most advanced forms of heating and air conditioning. One outdoor unit can power up to 8 indoor units simultaneously. Fujitsu's HFI Systems are super quiet as well as highly
energy efficient.

  • Each indoor unit can be operated independently via remote control
  • Choose from a variety of indoor unit styles
  • Provide both heating and cooling (not simultaneously)
  • High energy efficiencies
  • Quiet operation
Woods Heating Products

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

Rinnai tankless water heaters heat the water you need, when you need it. Turning any water source into hot water on demand. You are not limited to the amount a storage tank heater can hold. Whether you are washing the dishes, washing your clothes, or drawing a hot bath, Rinnai's tankless water heater technology will supply endless hot water to your lifestyle demands-even if you do them all at once!

Rinnai has earned ENERGY STAR approval by meeting the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy, by using less energy and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

What Our Customers Are Saying

When Gilbert and Donna M. of Somerset needed a new boiler a few years ago, they called on their current oil dealer but were deeply disappointed.

"I felt like they were trying to give me something they wanted to sell, not what I needed," says Gilbert. "I told them no and then called Wood's for a second opinion."

Impressed with the knowledge and professionalism we showed during our presentation, Gilbert asked us to install his new boiler. He also "traded in" his old dealer and became our customer.

"Everyone I have been in contact with at Wood's has been so professional, kind and knowledgeable. They are a pleasure to do business with and they really look after us. I couldn't ask for anyone better."

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