The CARE Program

Wood’s Heating Service is proud to participate in in the CARE program (Cleanup for Accidental Release to the Environment). Through this program, you can further protect your property:

  • Protection of up to $100,000 for cleanup costs in the event of an oil release from an above ground fuel tank, lines, or piping
  • Coverage in areas not covered by many homeowner insurance policies
  • Ability to transfer this protection in the event of selling your home
  • In the event of a cleanup, they offer limited cost share
  • For less than $10 a month, you can have this added protection

Don’t pass up on this valuable offer. This incredible opportunity is only pennies a day! Add value to your house, help protect your investment, and defend the environment.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Having been with Wood's Heating Service for over 17 years, I have never run out of fuel oil and, in fact, never even think about it. In 17 years, I have never even looked at that dial on top of the tank! Our burner still runs at top efficiency while our neighbors who buy from a discounter, have already replaced their burner a few years ago! Problems have been taken care of efficiently and timely. Don't bother telling Wood's Heating Service about a minor problem, no big hurry, whenever you have a chance. I have tried - they still show up within hours to repair it whether you want them to or not! Convenience, peace of mind, and knowing that if I have a problem (even minor) it will be taken care of expeditiously is what has kept me a Wood's customer for all these years."

Mr. Rod Chiodini

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